I am Tish Wilson, a licensed Cosmetologist (licensed 2010) and Instructor(2016). I am known for relaxer-free methods to ravishing, healthy hair. As an expert in my field, it allowed me to create personalized regimens and treatments that complimented the hair goals my clients strived for.
I am the Owner and CEO of Tish Wilson Luxury Curl Care. A curl care line focused on throughly cleansing, lightweight, hydrating products that bring out the best in your curl, coils, waves, kinks, and locs.
• I am an advocate for holistic health. I focus on lifestyle habits that are organic and natural. I am also a lover of unity and community.
• My platform encourages and promotes self love, as well as the awareness, the responsibility, and the confidence to be beautiful from the inside out.
Sending you love & light!”